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On my last trip to the Caribbean I finally figured out that, when it comes to packing for a tropical vacation, the key to selecting appropriate pieces is all in the approach. Actually, the moment that I abandoned my preconceived notions of what vacation clothes should look like is the moment that packing for my trip became truly fun. This time around, as long as it had a looser silhouette, was made of light natural fabrics, and wasn’t some couture treasure I valued more than life, I gave it serious “could-this-work?” consideration. This loose, vintage, silk, shirt meets all this criteria but would’ve likely been neglected in the past. You’d be surprises how much perfect “beach clothes” is in your wardrobe. Next time you’re packing for a vacation, give that silk blouse, shawl, or dress a second look. It might be part of your next favorite beach get-up.

Did you guys hear about the whole Lanvin for H&M thing? How genius…the countdown begins!!!

What I’m wearing:

  • Silk shorts by Marciano
  • Vintage oversized silk shirt
  • Sunglasses by MARNI 
  • Straw pumps by “Betsey Johnson”
  • Bikini by Sugar Free
  • 2 silk scarfs
  • Shell earrings
  • 2 Cuban chunky rings

For my Russian Readers:

Последняя поездка на Карибы показала,что когда дело доходит до сбора чемоданов для каникул в тропиках, ключ к успешному подбору подходящей  для этого одежды  является в самом  подходе к этому процессу. Кстати, с момента, освобождения от своих предвзятых представлений , каковой должна быть одежда для каникул, сборы для поездки превратились в настоящее удовольствие. На сей раз, если вещь имела свободный силуэт, выполнена из легких, натуральных тканей, и не относилась сокровищам couture,(чтобы я дорожила ими больше жизни), она попадала в категорию» С чем это можно надеть?»  Эта свободная, шелковая рубашка соответствует всем вышеупамянутым  критериям, но, вероятно, пренебреглась бы мною в прошлом. С таким подходом вы будите приятно удивленны, сколько идеальной для пляжа одежды, находится в вашем платяном шкафу.

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16 Replies to “[ chartreuse green ]”

  1. Oh I actually looked into it today. I called the store in San Francisco and they said that it should be out in November. Apparently they were planning for the release of the collection to have been on Spt. 9 but it was postponed. We’ll have to wait and see but I think Nov. at the latest.

  2. This outfit is a beautiful vacation look! How are you doing lady? Your post has made me want to take a trip to somewhere warm and relax. I have had a house guest running me exhausted all over Toronto. :o( I need a vacation!

  3. Yeah, I never thought about that actually but it probably should be available. I wouldn’t have to go stand in line than, which would be nice and you could get some too. Huu, another something something I’ll need to look into.
    Thanks sweetie ;).

  4. I’m doing much better now. Everything is finally settled and I can’t believe that we are starting our second month of law school already. I’m really loving it here and I hope everything works out long-term.
    Robin if you feel like you need to go and there is the slightest possibility that you will be able to, just book it and relax. I think vacations are extremely important, you need get away. And I love Toronto but sometimes I just wanted to be somewhere opposite of it – slower, brighter, somewhere more chill.
    Anyway, honestly my pics make me want to go away again too but I really can’t so I try to put it out of my mind.
    How is everything with you other then the things with your house guest?
    Love Lida

  5. Loving both the shorts and shirt, silk is such a must for hot weather and these two go beautifull together! Beautiful as always Lida.

    Love Alexandra

  6. I am glad to hear you are settling in well…I can’t believe it is month 2 of school for you already! Glad that you are loving it!
    Yes I may plan a getaway soon because I do feel like I need it, maybe once my friend goes back home I will just relish the alone time and feel fine. Sad thing is that I know I will miss her and be lonely shortly after she leaves too! All is ok on this end, work is crazy busy and for some reason I have vertigo (which has not been pleasant to say the least). I am told it will go away and is a inner ear fluid thing that will temporarily affect my balance. Not sure what caused it but it started shortly after bringing my friend to the top of the CN tower…now the room spins whenever I move to quickly! I hope all is well on your end xo

  7. Lida, hi… I’m following you via RSS for about 2 months, I suppose, but only yesterday I noticed you have “For my Russian Readers” lines and I was like “whaaat? where were my eyes earlier?” How come you know Russian :)? If it’s not a top secret. You probably already wrote about it here earlier, so I’m sorry, but I’m so curious! Потому что я из России.
    Thanks, Marina.

  8. Lol, don’t worry it’s not you. I just started the Russian translations recently. I’m from Moldova and Russian is my first language. I moved to Canada when I was twelve and now I’m in grad school in California. My Russian is kind of deteriorating but hopefully it will get better again once I graduate and maybe start reading in Russian again. Where are you from?

  9. Wow, that’s crazy. Hopefully that will go away really soon – it must be super trippy with the whole spinning thing. Can’t imagine what that must be like when you dive and work. My mom told me that she had it once and it’s horrible so I hope you feel better very soon :).

    I’m doing alright but have this contracts exam coming up in a week and I’m beginning to feel the pressure.

    Love Lida

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