[ tropical sunfruit ]

My “newly acquired independence” (that’s code for becoming single) is giving me more time to reflect and just be on my own than I’ve had in a long time. Naturally, my days have their ups and downs and I find myself doubting and questioning notions that I previously  accepted as truths. To dispel some of the vagueness, I’ll just tell you that I’m referring to tedious relationship stuff.  Anyway, I’m going to call this part of my life the “Inquisition Period” and never speak of it again. I hope. Today’s post encompasses some of what I refuse to question however.  The power of vitamin D and the love of family and friends.

Wearing: Marc by Marc Jacobs hat, Marciano dress + shoesLuc Kieffer ring, Missoni sunglasses

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15 Replies to “[ tropical sunfruit ]”

    1. Thank you so much Lauren. I use an Olympus. Let me know if you’d like me to give you more info about it because I’ll have to ask my dad.
      Love Lida

    1. Oh. You are so lucky to have gotten a chance to do some traveling recently. I saw your pictures on facebook and it all looks so fun. I know what you mean about the finding some sun thing, I can never get enough.
      Love Lida

    1. Thank so much sweetie. Yeah, to be honest it was one of the most difficult things I had to get through and it made it so difficult to even get up in the morning. I’m feeling much better now though. Thank you so much for your support.
      Love Lida

  1. sweetie i totally agree! we had so much fun together! one of my best vacation ever!love u and taras…even if it s almost a year we dont see each other, you are always in my thoughts

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